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When you talk to Clementina Richardson the founder of Envious Lashes about her business her passion is infectious. Clementina is a true pioneer in the field of eyelash styling and her skill, speed and artistry are a testament to her experience and have made her one of New York’s most sought after lash stylists. When she first began in 2007, she was one of only eight eyelash stylists listed in the city. Word of mouth spread like wildfire and soon Clementina was driving with her table, lamp and eyelash portfolio to an ever growing clientele across the 5 boroughs, trying to keep up with the demand. Her passion turned her talent into a true art form and in 2011 Clementina opened her own beautiful boutique salon on 5th Ave in Manhattan. Since then she has built up an incredible list of international and celebrity clientele, including Mary J Blige, Naomi Campbell, Kate Capshaw and Nicole Baharie among many who keep coming back again and again for her amazing personalized attention and artistry..

What sets her apart is how specifically she customizes the look and style for each individual client. In her intimate salon each client is treated to a personal consultation to assess and match their wishes with Clementina’s vision and expertise. Depending on the shape and set of their eyes, she works her signature magic choosing different widths, lengths and curvatures, mixing and matching to create an overall makeover of the eye area that totally transforms a clients face and the way they feel about themselves. “Women literally come alive! There is nothing like the look on their faces when they get up and see themselves, it is so gratifying!” As her countless testimonials attest Clementina ‘changes lives’. She is a true artist.


Envious Lashes Lounge was founded 9 years ago by Eye Lash Master, Clementina Richardson. Each Envious Lashes Lounge is an exclusive destination for a discerning clientele of every day women and famous faces addicted to the "Art of Eye Lashes" creativity and technique.

Envious Lashes is dedicated to your eyes only, offering each client a seamless Eye Lash application, attaching each strand to each natural lash allowing for an ultimate natural look. Each and every individual lash placement is critical and carefully considered. Envious Lashes only employees Licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists who have extensive training in the art of lash styling for a minimum of one year, and thus abides by the NY State Department of Licensin