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Heated Eye Lash Curler

Heated Eye Lash Curler

Product Description

- Envious Lashes heated Eye Lash Curler is a revolutionary forming device
- Easily gives a long lasting curl while smoothing mascara and separating lashes
- Stops pain and pulling no more damage to the natural lashes
- Curls the lashes up using a heated coil that goes out to an astounding 148oF that is generated by a single AA battery.

Curler Directions
• Slide switch to the on position, the tip of the curler will begin to turn white, wait 30 seconds for optimal heating temperature to be reached.
• Place curler with coils against the natural lash or extensions 1-2 mm away from the base of the lash line.
• Hold IN PLACE and apply pressure pushing the natural lash or extensions upright for 10-15 seconds. Continue this technique throughout the lash line.
• DO NOT brush the coil through the length of the lashes. This will straighten the lashes, causing them to drop or fall.
• We recommend applying mascara prior to curling lashes.